The Lesotho Communications Authority announces that it has received an application for a Community Radio Station broadcasting licence from Thaba-Phatšoa FM. (Reg. No. 2018/463)

The Authority in terms of rule 3(8) of the Lesotho Communications Authority (Administrative) Rules 2016 invites comments from the public on this application. The application is available at the offices of the Lesotho Communications Authority, 30 Princess Margaret Road, Old Europa.

Written comments should be sent to:

The Registrar
Lesotho Communications Authority
30 Princess Margaret Road
Old Europa


Final date for submission of comments is 19 June 2019 at 17H00.

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  1. Sanaha Ramapepe

    Re se kopela license sealemoea sena se tlo fa Basotho mesebetsi le hoba bea sehlohlolong ka litaba

  2. I bet that the community radio station be heard and be registered among on air radios.

    I would indeed love to hear that radio on air.

  3. If it will serve the community of thaba-phatsoa and employ members of the community of thaba-phatsoa and surrounding areas i say it must be approved…


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