LCA grants first postal operator licences to Lesotho Postal Services and DHL Lesotho

4th July 2018

Lesotho Communications Authority today granted operating licences to two postal and courier services operators in Lesotho. Two licences were granted to Lesotho Postal Services for public postal services and EMS commercial postal services, while the other licence was granted to DHL Lesotho for postal commercial services.

Lesotho Postal Services is authorised to provide universal postal services throughout the country, postal financial services, parcel services up to a weight of 20 kg in Lesotho, provide Express Mail Services (EMS) and other licensed services. DHL Lesotho is authorised to provide Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) services in Lesotho generated by individual customers, small and medium enterprises (SME), and any other customers (including multinational companies) and government institutions.

The license period for a public postal operator is unlimited while those of commercial postal is five years.
The Authority is currently in the process of licensing postal operators in Lesotho which provide postal, courier, express and parcel (CEP) services following the promulgation of the Lesotho Communications Authority (Administrative) (Amendment) Rules, 2018. The powers of the Authority to license these operators is provided by the Communications Act 2012.

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