Press release on consumer protection

15 November 2019

Lesotho Communications Authority reminds its licensees and the general public of its mandate to ensure that consumers of communications services in the broadcasting, postal and communications sectors are fully protected from abuses by any communications service providers. The Authority has found some practices within the communications industries which negatively affect Basotho and is determined to take action to prevent such unfair practices.

The Authority shall apply best efforts to ensure that the records which are provided by its licensees are accurate and authentic. The Authority has recently found discrepancies in the billing of some products, charging of calls by customers to toll-free numbers and overcharging resulting from treatments of per minute or per second billing, amongst others.

In this regard, the Authority wants to assure Basotho that it is taking these issues in a serious light and appropriate action will be taken without fear or favour.

Basotho are encouraged to report any unresolved billing disputes that they have with any licensee to the following phone number: 2222 4300 or 5222 1300 in the event that the dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer within 20 working days of reporting the incident to the service provider.

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