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Applications are invited from local candidates for the above-mentioned position:

The primary goal of this position is to provide capability for the Authority to develop web-based solutions to that enable the Authority to realise its mandate. The Developer will serve as a primarily web developer (Front and Backend) and will be responsible for the design and implementation of web-based solutions for the Authority, including enterprise and web content management solutions. The Developer will be expected to maintain both the web interface and the databases and make adjustments from time to time as per customer and / or internally raised requirements.

1. Primary Duties and Responsibilities

1.1. Provide web solutions and support for Internet and Intranet.
Duties shall include the development of web sites, coordination of web page development, application of required security measures, schema design and implementation, replication, implementation, and integration of databases.
The Developer will be required to provide support for externally facing Internet presence, and internally facing Intranet. Support shall include assisting users with updating content on the web sites or developing new features as may be needed from time to time.

1.2. Develop online content.
Working closely with the relevant Divisions and Units, develop online content from concept to final implementation, providing web pages for publishing the Authority’s content to ensure that it is accurate, user-friendly and appropriate. The Developer will also develop web solutions for facilitating stakeholder engagement during campaigns or public consultations.

1.3. Enterprise Content Management Systems.
The Developer will be responsible for implementation of support the web servers and enterprise content management systems for to facilitate information dissemination, information sharing, information management and collaboration.

1.4. Continuous Improvement
The Developer will be required to ensure that technologies in use are up-to-date, and thus will be required to learn new technologies and programming languages, as needed.

2. Required Qualifications
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and Networks.

3. Skills and Attributes
• Interpersonal skills
• Be a self-starter
• Ability to work independently or as part of a team

Applications should be directed to:
Human Resources Manager
Lesotho Communications Authority
30 Princess Margaret Road, Old Europa
P.O. Box 15896
Maseru 100.

The deadline for applications is 17th August 2018