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Applications are invited from local candidates to fill the above-mentioned position:

The primary goal of this position is to assists the Authority’s end users with database solutions development and implementation to support the delivery of the Authority’s services. This includes the design, specification and development of applications to address specific organisational needs.

1. Primary Duties and Responsibilities

1.1 New Applications (Vendor supplied)
Assist in the implementation and support of vendor-sourced solutions. Devise a comprehensive testing plan for testing databases and database applications, using actual or sample input data, to verify proper program performance and efficiency of operation. Assist with the development of plans and processes to minimize the risk to services or systems due to errors.

1.2 Database Administration
Serve as the database administrator for the Authority. In that role, ensure that data is available, protected from loss and corruption, and easily accessible as needed.

1.3 New Applications (in-house)
Take the lead in the development of data-driven and other software solutions to support various functional areas of the Authority. In particular, the Engineer will:
• Write, maintain, and execute back- or front-end code required for the implementation of online data tools.
• Independently and collaboratively ensure that data and products are accurate.
• Write, maintain, and execute code to generate back-end data.
• Develop, maintain, and conduct quality control of databases.
• Create technical documents and process documentation for tasks and procedures to increase team efficiency.
• Engage with relevant members of staff to provide program and technical training, including one-on-one training and support.
• Work with the relevant Divisions or Units to improve the scalability, accuracy, and automation of technical aspects involved in the production of online tools and data.
• Assist with the development of web-based data tools in coordination with Web Developer (s).
• Integrate data from databases across other Authority information systems.
• Explore methods of increasing the value of performance data as business intelligence tools for regulatory areas such as the Authority’s Performance Management Systems, Organisational Performance (based on business plan), Compliance, Tariff Management and ICT indicators.
• Learn new technologies and programming languages, as needed.
• Perform related administrative work, such as report distribution and project management

1.4 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Provide support for the Authority’s GIS databases and develop tools required by users to support surveys and decision-making.

2. Required Qualifications
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and Networks.

3. Skills and Attributes
• Interpersonal skills
• Be a self-starter
• Ability to work independently or as part of a team

4. Applications should be directed to:
Human Resources Manager
Lesotho Communications Authorty
30 Princess Margaret Road, Old Europa
P.O. Box 15896
Maseru 100.

The deadline for applications is the 17th August 2018 at 12 noon.