Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA), formerly Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (LTA), is a statutory body established in June 2000, with a mandate of regulating the communications sector in Lesotho. This mandate entails: granting licences to operators; promoting fair competition; approving tariffs; managing the radio frequency spectrum; empowering and protecting consumers; type approving terminal equipment and other related matters.

The Authority's mandate as outlined in the Communications Act No. 4 of 2012 , include, the following key elements:

  • Promote, develop and supervise the provision of efficient local, national, regional and international telecommunication services in Lesotho;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to promote network development, universal service and access to telecommunication services;
  • ensuring the efficient and effective use of the radio frequency spectrum;
  • promoting the range and quality of telecommunication services and other consumer interests;
  • promoting efficient management and human resource development within the telecommunication sector;
  • promoting private ownership of telecommunication operations;
  • promote sustainable and fair competition between telecommunication service providers;
  • collection and dissemination of information for use by the industry, consumers and prospective investors;
  • taking reasonable steps to promote telecommunication services that will satisfy reasonable demands of least advantaged members of the communities for the provision of services such as emergency services, public call box services and directory information services;
  • Representing Government, in consultation with the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology¬†in international matters relating to ICTs, broadcasting and postal services.