CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Connect2Recover (C2R) Research Competition

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is organizing an international competition under Connect2Recover (C2R) – an initiative to build back better with broadband by reinforcing digital infrastructure and digital ecosystems. This initiative aims to help countries to better leverage information and communications technologies (ICTs) in order to support COVID-19 pandemic recovery efforts and preparedness for a post-COVID normal so that they can remain resilient in times of disasters.

Through the Connect2Recover Initiative, ITU is launching the Connect2Recover Research Competition” to identify promising research proposals that will accelerate digital inclusion during the COVID-19 recovery globally. This competition aims to:

  1. Improve research focus on digital resiliency and digital inclusion to build back better with broadband for pandemic recovery;
  2. Build a global research community of think tanks and academic institutions around digital inclusion; and
  • Promote knowledge sharing that informs targeted practices to build back better with broadband.

The deadline to submit the research proposals is 31 August 2021, and the winners will be announced one month later. The winners will have six months to submit the research papers.

This competition is open to Academia, including early career researchers and think tanks. Individual experts who are affiliated with academic institutions may also apply. Submissions must clearly elaborate and demonstrate at least one of the following:

  1. How to carry out studies that can assess the resiliency for digital infrastructure taking into account relevant data sources and formulate forward-looking, actionable policy measures leading to positive outcomes in education, healthcare, or job creation by fostering digital inclusion as the country enters the COVID-19 recovery period?
  2. How to build back better with broadband along with digital inclusion during the COVID-19 recovery efforts resulting in meaningful connectivity?

Develop key recommendation on aspects of resilient digital infrastructure supporting education, health, or job creation in the targeted context.

Download the PDF Version HERE.


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